Well, here we go!

Well, here we go!

Well, here we go! I have been dabbling in websites for a long time (early 2000’s). But the problem has always been that it takes so long to do. It is tedious and time consuming because anything that I wanted to put on the web had to look good.

Enter WordPress. Several months ago, I discovered some resources that showed me how that having and maintaining a good looking website was not has hard as I once thought. WordPress has made it very easy to have great stylish and snazzy websites that don’t take a whole lot of time to do. So here I am!

I am going to be sharing anything I really want to share on this site. Stuff about ministry, being a pastor / preacher (yes there is a difference), daily Christian living, church trends, small church helps and other things related to laboring, loving and living for Jesus. But I will also share my family life, personal interest, hobbies and (well to be honest) my vents and ramblings.

I hope you get a lot out of it and come along for the ride.

Grace and Peace In Jesus!

Ronnie Brown

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