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We believe, that to bring our economic and social life to the mew level, we must use non-standard and non-traditional means and approahches in our work. Tomorrow’s day depends on your choice. Do not hesitate to come and vote!

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Within our team, we have gathered the best people who stand behind their promise`
to recognize and protect people’s rights




Anything that Pastor Ronnie Brown writes is filled with wisdom and clarity. He is one preacher who stays true to the eternal Word of God and has a God-given ability to put the truths of the Word on the bottom shelf so anyone can understand them. He uses alliteration in such a way in his outlines to help you retain the great truths he is expounding. No one will be disappointed in reading what Pastor Ronnie Brown writes.

Senior Pastor Jimmy Chapman, Victory Baptist Church, Washington, GA



The Exceptions of Jesus is an excellent book. Ronnie Brown has taken some key passages of Scripture and opened them up brilliantly. This series of messages has been well outlined and alliterated. Thorough study has gone into each of these messages. You will be greatly blessed and helped by these key messages.

Senior Pastor Brian Haney, Anchor of Hope Baptist Church, Rossville, Ga



Pastor Ronnie Brown does a wonderful job of exploring a word from the lips of Jesus that we might overlook, if we are not careful. The word “except” binds these messages together, but each chapter is a thorough study of a different text and a valuable insight into the teachings of our Lord on a number of different subjects. This book is a gospel-saturated exposition of some very important passages of Scripture.”

Senior Pastor Terry Trivette, Sharon Heights Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL

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Sed ut perspiciatis, unde omnis iste natus error sit

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