Chattanooga Rescue Mission Audio from June 6th, 2017

Chattanooga Rescue Mission Audio from June 6th, 2017

Last night at the mission, I had something happen that has never happened before. I preached a message on the Lost Coin of Luke 15. At the end when I was giving the invitation saying, “Come and know Christ today! Come and believe on Him! Trust Him as Lord and Savior!” Right about then, the guy on the front row just a few feet away from me stood up came over to me and stood beside me, looking at me with his head slightly bowed. I tucked him under my arm, exhorted the others to do the same and started praying that God would save him. After we prayed I asked him if he trusted Christ as his Saviour, he said, “Yes”. It was wonderful!
I tell you this because it is a rarity. The mission is often times a very stony ground place for the seed of the gospel! I’ve not seen a whole lot of people saved there. But when I have, it makes it all worth while! It is glorious! No, I’ve never has it happen like it did last night, but I sure hope it happens again that way!

You can listen to the recording to the service below. If you want to just hear just the message, you can skip over the singing to 11:10.
P.S. At the beginning of the recording, you hear the mission Chaplin get things started a little early. He said, “We will get a little early start, and get an early finish.” If you listen close you can hear a guy up front say (in a very sarcastic voice), “Yeah right!” Yes! They know me!

Brown, Ronnie
The Parable of the Lost Coin

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