Chattanooga Rescue Mission Audio from February 2nd, 2015

Chattanooga Rescue Mission Audio from February 2nd, 2015
This is the audio from my night to preach at the Chattanooga Rescue Mission. I preached on A Simple Guide for Relating To God (2 Chronicles 15:1-2). Towards the end of the recording (59:53) I spoke to the same man that I did last month. A truly a tragic situation in his life a serious moral failure resulting in the lose of his home and his marriage. The audio from this conversation may be difficult to hear. It was naturally a difficult subject to talk about and he was understandably hushed in his tone. Also I was encouraged by some of the men at the mission. During the message I told them that my wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Several of the men told me they would be praying for my wife and family. That meant a lot to me. At the end, I give some  of my final thoughts about the evening.
Time line:
Intro: 0-3:13
Singing: 3:13-9:00
Message: 9:00-59:53
Conversation: 59:53- 1:35:10
Closing Words: 1:35:10-1:37:28
Brown, Ronnie
A Simple Guide For Relating To God

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