Disheartening News

Disheartening News

I was at the Chattanooga Rescue Mission on Monday and realized something had changed. The crude and mismatched seats in the chapel were rearranged on one side. Although it looked nice (kind-of angled in rows facing the front instead rows square against the wall) I noted that there were a lot fewer chairs. I asked the night chaplain about the change. He said it was a lot easier for the guys to get in an out of the seating this way and it keeps them from resting their heads on the wall and falling asleep. He also said since the mission’s capacity has changed from 60 to 40, they didn’t need as many chairs. At that statement my heart sank. 20 fewer people under the preaching of the Gospel. 20 fewer people without the godly influence of the mission staff. 20 fewer people sleeping in the safety of the mission.

As I write this blog post, the temperature is a whopping 9 degrees outside. 9 degrees! I slept in warmth and safety last night with my lovely wife and three children and two cats and one dog; while souls are living in makeshift huts and abandoned buildings. It broke my heart. Will you consider supporting the Chattanooga Rescue Mission? There are entire floors of the old Senter School (where they are located) that have yet to be renovated and made available for guests because of the lack of funding. Please prayerfully consider supporting this much needed, Christ-honoring, and gospel-centered ministry.

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