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My ministry (and this website) is committed to the glory of Jesus Christ and to the expansion of His Kingdom. The resources provided on this website (most of which are at no cost) are for the saving of souls and for the enrichment of believer’s walk with the Lord Jesus. Any paid resources are for the outreach and the maintenance of this website. My joy in life is to bring others closer to God through His Word and help them walk in Jesus footsteps day by day.

Mission & Purpose

Why this website?

For over the past 15 years, I have served as a both a layman preacher and as a Baptist pastor in the Chattanooga and north Georgia area. My greatest desire and joy in serving my Lord Jesus Christ is to preach and to teach God’s word so that people might come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and walk daily with Him.
The intent of this blog is to share various aspects of my personal life and ministry, along with inspiration, helpful tips, and resources to benefit pastors and ministry leaders everywhere, but particularly pastors of small churches and bivocational pastors.



Ronnie Brown is a passionate, Spirit-filled preacher of the Word of God. Every message I’ve ever heard him deliver was infused with careful thought and full of truth.

Senior Pastor Johnny Nix, First Baptist Church of Wartburg, TN



I find Bro Ronnie Brown to be:
1. A faithful student of God’s Word
2. A fervent sermonizer of same Word
3. A formidable safeguard of the Flock of Christ
4. A fierce succorer of the defense of the Gospel
5. A friend and servant to Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries and all Preachers

Evangelist John Mitchell, Hartwell, SC



During the years I have known Bro. Ronnie Brown, I have had the privilege to witness his consistent integrity, and unswerving love for Christ and his church. His actions, pastoral care, and uncompromising stand on truth within the word of God reveal the evidence of a life above reproach.

Pastor Steve Holdren, Victory Baptist Church, Hodgkins, IL



Ronnie Brown is a passionate and dynamic Preacher! I have known him for almost a decade. “He is a preaching machine.” Ronnie has such a great love for Christ and for others to know the Christ he knows. Well versed and studied in the scriptures, he simply is a blessing and benefit to those who know him.

Senior Pastor Dale Foote, Seddon Baptist Church, Pell City, AL



Ronnie Brown is a creative, passionate, and faithful Bible preacher. Every time I have listened to him preach I have been challenged spiritually, and walked away wanting to be a better preacher myself. I appreciate his ministry even more because I have known him personally for many years, and I know his sincerity and authenticity. He is “…an Israelite in whom there is no guile.” I give thanks to God for his ministry!

Senior Pastor Terry Trivette, Sharon Heights Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL



I have known pastor Ronnie Brown for 16 years now. Brother Ronnie has had a heartbeat for people, and the gospel, the entire time I have known him. The first time I heard Ronnie preach was in a Sunday School class he was teaching at Temple Baptist in Chattanooga,  Tennessee. It wasn’t your, “Normal class!” It was CHURCH!! Ronnie and I have also had the opportunity to work together in Chicago at The Pacific Garden Mission and in Dulce, New Mexico ministering to the Jicarilla Indian Tribe. I highly recommend Pastor Ronnie Brown for any type of preaching opportunity you may need him for: Missions, Revival, Jubilee,  Camp-meeting, Bible Conference’s, etc…He will be a blessing and a help to your church!

Missionary / Evangelist Billy Sampson, Hammond, IN



Pastor Ronnie Brown preaches with a sincere compassion for souls and a deep knowledge of God’s word. His preaching and pulpit presence has always been one that brings about Holy Ghost conviction to the sinner as well as instruction and encouragement to the saints. I praise God for his ministry and enthusiasm as he serves the Lord day in and day out.

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